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Laser Vision Correction
Many of our patients are opting for a new form of vision correction...using the excimer laser to resculpt the eyes to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Depending on your prescription, there are a number of different procedures available to reduce or even eliminate your need for glasses. The doctors at our office provide all pre and post operative care and can refer you to an appropriate surgical facility.
Our office is currently recommending TLC Halifax for our patients interested in correcting their vision with laser eye surgery. TLC Halifax is located at 255 Lacewood Drive Suite 212, Halifax, NS. Drs. Mandelman, Dobson and Cox believe quite strongly in sending our patients to the very best surgeons for ANY surgical procedure. Laser vision correction is no exception. Without a doubt, TLC has demonstrated its commitment to providing the very best in laser vision care.

Why choose Laser Vision Correction?

  • Preoperative assessments are provided by your own eye doctor ensuring that the data required to operate the laser is perfect. Your own optometrist is the best individual to counsel you as to whether you are a good candidate for laser and to inform you of the risks involved.
  • Lasers are state of the art and are continually being updated as new software and hardware is available. The laser suite is also impeccably maintained.
  • The humidity level and temperature of the laser suite are kept in strict control via the Leibert System. Changes in airflow and humidity can impact the prescription that was programmed into the laser.
  • Takes all the time required to makes sure your surgery is as perfect as possible. The surgeons do not rush you through your procedure and the laser is recalibrated between every patient.
  • Chooses only the finest surgeons in the area for its surgical procedures and provides extensive training to optometrists providing pre and post-op care.
  • Ensures that you receive a full year of follow-up care by your own optometrist after your procedure to ensure that any post-operative complications are detected early and treated.

Online Information

The TLC website contains a wealth of information regarding Common Vision Problems and the Types of Procedures. The most common procedures performed today are LASIKCustom LasikBladeless Lasik andPRK, although 95% of today’s surgeries are LASIK (mostly bladeless LASIK).

Candidacy Examination

Your doctor will perform a very specific examination to determine if laser surgery will be safe for you and to precisely gather all the data required. The accuracy of your pre-operative tests is critical when programming the laser and will determine your surgical outcome. More specialized testing is also required at the TLC Center. You will be completely informed about your likely surgical outcome, your potential risks, what to expect during your surgery day and during your post-operative healing period.
If you wish to book for laser surgery, you will be scheduled for an examination by your optometrist. If possible, one of our doctors will accompany you on your surgery day to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Many patients appreciate having their doctor present so that they can relax, knowing that all the little "details" are being taken care of for them.

Managing Your Care

One of the most important aspects of good laser surgery is the after-care provided. It is imperative that you are examined carefully during your first year after surgery to determine if any sight-threatening complications are developing. Complications, although rare, must be detected and treated early to ensure that you enjoy the best vision possible.
The media recently ran an article indicating that 58% of patients having laser surgery failed a night vision test due to the development of night glare. Unfortunately, the study releasing these results, involved only 38 patients using first generation lasers from six years ago. The flurry of media attention following this article has created an unrealistic fear of the risks of laser surgery.
Although no surgical procedure is without risk, today's laser technology is much less likely to cause visual performance problems for patients than older technology and procedures.
TLC Laser Eye Centers recently conducted a study for the FDA involving 123 patients, showing that 98.7% said that their night vision was unchanged and had not been reduced as a result of the surgery. In fact, 19% felt that their night driving was improved!
It is critical for patients to be properly and thoroughly evaluated prior to going ahead with surgery to determine if they are an appropriate candidate for laser vision correction. At TLC centers, all patients are examined with the Colvard Infrared pupilometer to accurately measure pupil size in dim light. Large pupils are by far the most important risk factor for night glare. With the information provided by the pupilometer, patients are counseled on the best technology for them.


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